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Original PencillerKelley Jones
Original InkerKelley Jones
Year Printed
NotesThis is a piece I drew while using the cover of a DARK HORSE COMICS "ALIENS" cover by KELLEY JONES as referance. I sent this link to Mr. Jones and this is what he had to say about it:

On the subject matter of your art,its GREAT!
I know you were looking at stuff I did,but you understood how to break it down. The composition and use of blacks show me you get the foundations of what make it work. Most artists get caught up in the rendering,but never understand what make a comic works. Noodling for the sake of noodling is boring,but rendering with a rhythm to compliment the composition is beautiful. If you have more to show,I would love to see,as I think you have real talent.
Thanks for the email,