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Mr. Fabry, Obviously I am unfamiliar with how much info and "guidance" you are given for a particular painting. And obviously I am a fan of yours to ask you to do this, so however it turns out, I am sure i will be VERY happy(heck, Im exstatic for the simple fact you said you'd do it.).
That being said, I tried to provide as much info and referance as possible and I hope it doesn't come off as overbearing.
The Basic PremiseA naked woman is standing in the desert cradling a gila monster. The sun is setting/has set casting a red glow over everything (I LOVE your 'red' paintings i.e. preacher34, hellblazer 60)
I was supposed to be home by now to take a few good referance photos, but things being what they are I'm not. So I had to use photos i just happened to have on my comp (c:
This Page Contains MANY Gila Monster pictures
Here is just something i put together with my meager "paint" skills. Of course the pose, positioning, scale, EVERYTHING, is up to you.
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