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TitleJohn Constantine; Hellblazer in "Smoking Cessation"
Panel 1Wide shot of an astrological observatory. J.C. can be seen peering into the scope. J.C. is dressed in his typical trenchcoat & slacks with cigarette in hand.
Panel 2A view of outer space as seen through the telescope. In the upper left corner a sun burns warming a planet in the lower right side of the panel.
Panel 3A tight shot of J.C.(face, hand and cig) as he stands upright and draws a drag off of his cig. The ember glows bright enough to cast shadows on J.C.'s face.
Panel 4Same view as panel 2. This time the sun is flaring up, illuminating 80% of the planet.
Panel 5Tight shot of and ashtray on the counter. J.C.'s hand is stubbing out on of his silk-cuts.
Panel 6Sameview as panel 2. This time the sun is waning, illuminating only 10-20% of the planet as the cold black closes in on both sun and planet.
Panel 7We see the telescope, the cig in the ashtray giving off it's last wisp of smoke and the back of J.C. as he walks away, hands in pockets, indifferent to the events that just took place.
Panel 8Same view as panel 2. The sun is barely a glow as it gives off its last tiny flame. The planet now is just another cold dead rock.
SynopsisObviously this is a short simple story, but it depicts what I think are two of J.C.'s strongest attributes.
1) J.C. is a very powerful mage/magician
2) J.C. is one cold bastard capable of wiping out the population of a whole planet if it siuts his needs.